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Jazz Piano Basics - Book 1

  1. Steppin' Out
  2. Petite Waltz
  3. Blue Bop
  4. Funkasaurus
  5. Jumpin' Jazz
  6. Elling Tones
  7. Big Earl's Honky-Tonk Blues
  8. Midtown Strut
  9. Avenue D
€ 18,00




Book 1 of a two-volume series that presents the fundamentals of jazz in a logical and accessible manner, primarily through short, progressive exercises. Ideal for traditional lessons, as well as for anyone wishing to expand their jazzabilities. May also be especially useful for those interested in participating in a school jazz program. The online audio tracks are indispensable to the series, in particular the fun yet practical Q&A improv exercises. Concepts covered include: - Improvisation - Swing rhythms - Common jazz chords and scales - Accompaniment techniques - 12-bar blues, and much more! NOTE: Jazz Piano Basics is a revised and vastly expanded version of theJazzabilities series.

Meer Informatie

Meer Informatie

Artikelnummer HL00234476
ID HL00234476
Uitgever Willis Music
Uitgevercode N/B
ISBN 9781495094958
UPC 888680687359
Formaat N/B
Pagina's 88
Label (Alt-tag) N/B
Producttype Boek + audio-online
Instrumentatie piano
Componist Eric Baumgartner
Arrangeur Nee
Difficulty Nee
Taal Nee
Inhoud N/B


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